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Sweet Fever by Hans Meertens
Sweet Fever: The Art of Hans Meertens
Organised and created by Hans Meertens and Ole Lindboe
Texts by Piet Augustijn, Spencer Drate, Dennis Elbers, Roberta Gergory, Robert Hogge, Jennifer Larson, Ole Lindenboe, Emma McMillan, Hans Meertens and Imke Ruigrok.
The book represents the life and work of Hans Meertens between 1998 and 2009. 
"It is not a coincidence that the art of young Dutch painter Hans Meertens is frequently shown in New York; his paintings contain exactly the indispensable pulse, drama and atmosphere that is required to catch on in the Big Apple. In his paintings, Meertens communicates to his audience with powerful snatches of poetic imagery and themes that grasp the fast-paced contemporary mind."
160 pages
Published: BKKC, 2009
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