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Nicolas Garcia Uriburu

Nicolás García Uriburu was born in Buenos Aires in 1937. He trained as an architect, but has made a name for himself as a visual artist, having made great strides in the genre of land-art. His work has been exhibited at major museums and galleries around the world.  
Concerned with the environment long before it was mainstream and popular to be 'green', Uriburu has worked extensively to use his work to raise awareness of environmental issues and to address our treatment of the planet.
Uriburu's break through came during the 1968 Venice Biennial when he performed his first large scale intervention in nature by performing his Colouration of the Grand Canal. Dying the waters a bright, 'toxic' green colour, Uriburu protested our habit of polluting the earth in front of an audience of thousands. 
Uriburu went on to perform a number of further colourations around the world, travelling far and wide to use his art to try and make the world a better place.


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