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About us
McMillan Gallery launched in early 2010 to represent a number of established and emerging contemporary artists from Europe and the United States. 
Founder, Emma McMillan, uses her education and art world experience to promote a small selection of more established artists, and to assist emerging artists in their endeavours to carve out a path in todays art market.
While starting off in the North East of England, and having studied for her BA in Art History at Northumbria University, Emma moved to New York to spend time learning the trade at the centre of the art world, receiving her MA in Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market from Christie's Education New York in 2008. 
Moving on to specialise in prints and multiples with Christie's, Emma spent a number of months gaining practical experience with the leading auction house before moving back to the UK to start up her own consultancy in 2009. Through the Emma McMillan Consultancy, Emma was able to help new and emerging artists to find funding for new projects and opportunities to exhibit their work. 
McMillan Gallery  was launched as part of the natural development of the consultancy, offering another platform through which to offer emerging artists the chance to reach a greater audience with their work.
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